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October 29, 2005

Republican Neocon Cabal

Republican 'moderates' lashed out at the Republican neocon 'cabal' with special darts aimed at VP Cheney and Pentagon chief Rumsfeld.

New America some time ago purposefully became a sounding board for those hoping to take back the Republican party from its far right-wing crusading ideologues. Like Brookings for liberals and AEI for neocons, New America has aspirations of power for its people in new administration to come. And as activist think-tanks go it even enjoys mixing mainly conservative Democrats with liberal Republicans -- a very centrist approach in polarized Washington.

BUT there is a big BUT to New America's self-professed allegiance to serious and open discussion about what's gone so wrong with the current America. Even though the key Washington neocons are intimately linked to the Israelis in general and Ariel Sharon specifically; you'd never know this from listening to New America forums. Even though the neocons are primarily Jewish by religion, right-wing Zionists by ideology, and intimately tied to a number of leading American Jewish lobbying and propaganda organizations by politics, you'd never know this from listening to New America discussions. These crucial subjects are off limits at New America just like at other corporate and foundation sponsored think-tanks in Washington. There's the considerable fear factor operating here; and of course the money factor as well.

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