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August 29, 2007

Democracy on fire in Greece

I received an interesting viral email from someone in Greece that claims the forest fires are the people's fault. He is absolutely right. The bi-polar political situation between center PASOK and right-wing New Democracy has done the country no favours over the years.

The fires are a bright example of this. Not much has been done in terms of fire safety and prevention as the two main parties fight a war of words but do little to resolve the situation. The Green Party is non-existent in Greece and with no vote or say in Parliament there is nobody to push for stricter laws, more policing of woodland and modern measures to combat this plague.

So for everyone complaining about the current situation remember that you have a say in the forthcoming elections. Vote for change and things will. Keep to your traditional voting patterns and this situation will go on forever. After all this is what democracy is all about.
Failure to take action will lead to more problems in the future and worst thing is, you have nobody to blame.