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April 01, 2006

Defend Peruvian Democracy

Peruvian presidential candidate Ollanta Humala asserted he fostered the democracy of his nation because people are irritated with the policies of traditional parties, which only take them into account in times of elections.

In a news conference Friday, Humala, candidate for the Union por el Peru Party (UPP), and currently leading intention of votes, said those spearheading criticism and attacks against him are afraid of the elimination of their privileges by a possible UPP government.

However, people are exasperated with the corruption and social injustice previous administrations have pushed them into, Humala pointed out.

The candidate said Peruvians wanted and needed profound changes because explosive situations similar to those in Bolivia and Ecuador would be created in the near future if the nation is unable to implement a serious policy in education and health.

He condemned homophobia and made it clear all people committed to work and with moral principles, irrespective of their sexual leanings, can participate in his governmental project.

My policy is neither inclined to the left nor to the right, but to the grassroots, near people, to fight for their rights, said Humala.


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