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August 10, 2009

Streamtime - the wave of change in Iraq

Have been following conversations on Streamtime and have to say that the mood is fast changing in the Middle East. Iraq seems more empowered than ever to make a change but how deep or when exactly is yet to be seen. What is more interesting though is that the guys at Streamtime are starting to preach to their fellow Iranians about freedom. An interesting scenario of comradeship but perhaps also a change in the Middle East political map.
The democracy 'infused' area could develop into a stable market. However the American's cannot yet pull out as there is too much at stake here.
If Iraq for any reasons relapses back to dictatorship the whole campaign would be a failure. Unfortunately for the US, once again, the only solution is to cause more war and bloodshed until the ethnic groups detach and become easier to manage.

And despite the clear and logical voices on Streamtime, more warfare could not be far.


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