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December 11, 2005

Protecting Palestinian Democracy from Israeli Practices

Spokesperson of Presidency, Nabil Abu Rdaina, called Sunday the Quartet Committee and the international community to protect the Palestinian democracy from the Israeli practices.

In a statement issued Sunday night Abu Rdaina called the Quartet Committee and the international community to immediately intervene to end the Israeli atrocious measures against the imminent legislative elections and the whole Palestinian democracy.

He reiterated that the latest Israeli practices, target hampering the electoral process and curbing the Palestinian democracy.

He mentioned that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continued assassinating and arresting of Palestinian citizens, assaulting them and restricting their movement, especially in Jenin, lead to hampering the electoral campaign and the whole electoral process.

Abu Rdaina concluded by saying that at the time the Palestinian national Authority achieved key results on security, Israel insists to ignore its obligations and to shake truce.

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