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April 22, 2006

Democracy and the King in Nepal

At times diplomacy at local level does work. King Gyanendra of Nepal seems to be finally bowing to international/domestic pressure to restore democracy in his picturesque mountain country, home to the legendary Mt Everest, and trekkers' paradise, now stricken with Maoist rebellion and pro-democracy bloody agitations.

Indeed, prior to the king's television appearance, US Ambassador to Nepal James Moriarty warned that Gyanendra could be forced to abdicate in the next few days were he to refuse to step down.

"His time is running out," the Moriarty told reporters. "Ultimately the king will have to leave if he doesn't compromise. And by 'ultimately' I mean sooner rather than later."

The Friday compromise offered by the Nepali king may end up being enough. "With the help of elections," Gyanendra said, "we want to revitalize the electoral bodies according to the 1990 constitution of the kingdom of Nepal. We invite the political parties to forward the name of a prime ministry candidate as soon as they can."

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